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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Style Crush: Renata Molho

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The confidence on her face and body language is wistful to me. I found her through the Sartorialist blog and am immediately attracted to her style. Renata Molho does not like any other woman you see in senior fashion. She pulls off whatever she wears. I am sure even the funkiest glasses or patterns would make sense on her. This is not just a blindfolded admiration; we all can tell it's her attitude and her calmness that seals the deal.

看慣了時尚產業裡年輕貌美的時尚名媛、雜誌編輯、穿搭部落客還有秀台名模穿梭在個大場合,妳是否習慣了只有光鮮亮麗的那一面?來自義大利米蘭的作家 Renata Molho 完全展現了時尚不分年齡的長者風範。在她身上完全看不見「老氣」,不論是單品或是整體,都顯得合宜得體。證明了年紀並不是時尚的墳墓,只要有風格,不管到了什麼樣的年紀,都能有屬於自己漂漂亮亮的樣子。


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