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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Brand Focus: Rosetta Getty Pre-Fall/Fall 2015


Spring should be approaching by now but San Franciscan weather is not in the mood of showing it's mercy. The sun breeds tenderly but the wind lingers like a mean stepmother. Therefore, looking for layering inspiration is still practical; the heavy knits and earthy tone is still appropriate. Rosetta Getty is a new favorite. For a person like me, who enjoys oversize everything, the pre-fall collection is so darling. The laid-back yet classic and modern vibe mixing with monumentlality and playfulness are absolutely right up my alley. Fashion should always have a real sense of ease, this up and coming designer definitely knows the drill.

當大家都紛紛為春裝感到生氣十足時,舊金山的低溫似乎沒有要離去的意思。海明威說,最冷的冬天是舊金山的夏天。每想到這句子,就覺得詩人真的是人類心靈的嘴。於是乎還在搜集冬裝資料的我絕對不是慢半拍,也不是不合時宜。新品牌 Rosetta Getty 的 2015 初秋系列,厚針織,寬毛褲,焦糖色,上寬下也寬的搭配,又休閒又俐落,帶有玩味性質的風格令人愛不釋手。

Fall Collection 2015

Pre-Fall Collection 2015

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