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Outfit | Seeking The Light


Yesterday I heard the news of the awful tragedy of the Germanwings 4U9525 plane crash. I then continued reading related news and how German coping with this mishap. With lots of shared condolences I came up with the following thought- love is not just about loving, but patiently waiting, caring, and giving; love is not only happening inside your family or your loved ones, but to the stranger on the bus or people you have yet to meet. The German showed us what sympathy means with this adversity. "Let there be light," and at once there was light.

德航 4U9525 空難事件相關新聞,我閱讀到了這段文字:『日耳曼民族並不比人優越,但是在面對每一個人都會有的情緒上,他們是很真實的:願意給人時間去療傷,願意給人空間去面對,慢慢整理所有複雜的感覺,就這樣,當無常的風吹皺了生命,愛與體諒可以細微無聲地撫平一切,然後靠自己的力量,慢慢地站起來。』(原文出處愛可以很多也可以很廣,如果每個人都有多一點給人時間慢慢靠自己站起來的力量,這個冷漠的世界應該就不至於凍結。『要有光,』就有了光。

Zara blazer & dress | H&M necklace | Nasty Gal shades | Dr. Marten sneakers |
Cor-date insect ring | Kat von D eyeshadow | Clio lipstick | Nail Coordination


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