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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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The 7 x 7 mile city by Fred Lyon

I hope the saying 'one day San Franciscan, forever will be' is not yet a rehashing idea even though I just made it up; but truly, that is precisely how I feel every time I think about this squeaker journey. This selective photographs are taken by Fred Lyon, which captured the essence and beauty of this city authentically. Each photograph is recognizable, yet so nostalgic - Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, North Beach, Chinatown, the cable car turnaround and more; this city is full of all around greatness in landscapes that will be forever burned in my mind. Not to mention the black and white film pulled the glow in stride. 

Living alone in a foreign land is never always as the peel, that are so much more occurring and dismissing behind the surface. Each city has its own secrets, just like every relationship has its particular flaws. One minor act can causes transfixing pain and irresistible consequences. But that is the beauty od living, and falling into the death of something; there is always another side of the dark side. I am happy of the choice I made.

只要住過舊金山,這座城市終將成為你內心中擁有無法抹滅意義的城市。這裡有很多的美好,連黑暗面都是獨一無二的。這一輯由攝影師 Fred Lyon 所拍攝,四0年代的三藩市,黑白膠片所呈現的懷舊情感,精準的捕捉了這座城市的魅力。每一幅影像裡,都擁有讓人一眼就能認出地理位置和人文特色的細節,電報丘、北灘、中國城、叮噹車迴轉處等等;舊金山正是能夠恰巧烘托出各種鄉愁的城市。



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