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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Show | NYC: Sleep No More

It doesn't matter if you're a theatre lover or not; Sleep No More is definitely something you should go watch at least once if you ever have a chance. For the experience is indescribable; only if you were there then you'll know how it feels to be at the show and why it is a nominated much-watch by Time Magazine

The history and background story of Sleep No More can be easily wiki-ed, though I'd recommend anyone who's interested should go without a clue. Allow me to skip the introduction and jump right into my thoughts of this intimate experience. 

如果有機會到紐約,除了百老匯之外,我個人很推薦這個實驗劇場秀 Sleep No More。不論你是不是喜歡看劇的人,這樣的經驗都很值得擁有。就像百老匯一樣,不是每個人都會喜歡,但是大多數人到紐約都會儘量去體驗看看,一樣的道理。


The Relationship

We were threw into a black box with a tiny pin hole; the mask blocked the vision and the identity; it was dark. No talking was allowed; none of any connection between each other was allowed, either. We were ghosts wandering around, yet we were intended observer trying to figure a way out.  The identity was anonymous. The six senses were attuned. You were auto-guided with curiosity intuitively, 'cause no one knew what was going on. Right before the anxiety kinked in, the scene started with great tension. You had no way but to pay attention, and without trying to figure out what's next, you're already following the character line. 



The Performance 

We were so close to each other.  It was almost like it was us who were dancing, fighting, kissing, struggling; together or separated didn't matter; the detached attachment is yet too powerful to doubt. I can hear the breathe, I can hear the pulse. So vivid that I almost lost my breathe.


The Set Ups

First thing I noticed was smell, and then sight, sound, and touch rolled in at once. Each room has a slightly different smell - maybe I was being too narcotic, but some smell smelled haunted.  


The Most Personal

My most favorite set up gotta be the hospital. To me it's more like an asylum. The ammonia smell, greenish yellow ambience and the blood and soul lingering here. So overwhelmed that I am deeply engaged, and didn't feel like running away. 

That is all I can tell, no more, no less. All after all, sleep is illusional, anxiety is real; a soul in chaos, we live no more. 



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