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City Livin' | San Francisco - Sightglass Coffee

Hanging out with my favorite Hawaiian at my favorite Cafe in town! I took Dustin to Sightglass located in SoMA for coffee and a shoot. We were both going crazy snapping photos of this place (so we can instagram), it is a fact that this place is beyond photogenic. The wooden pieces and the color palette is so organic and the amazing natural lighting they got is heavenly. I was never into coffee until I visited this place. Everything I tried here are good, the coffee, the almond croissant... and everything else. One thing that really bums me out after moving away from this neighborhood is leaving Sightglass. That's how much I love it.

今天相約出門玩耍的是 Dustin。我喜歡他身後那一排腳踏車車架,舊金山是個對鐵馬族挺友善的城市。不過說到舊金山有名的咖啡,很多人也許聽說過 Blue Bottle Cafe,但其實我最喜歡的是這一間位在 SoMA 區的 Sightglass Coffee。從室外到室內,從咖啡到糕點我通通喜歡。特別喜歡這種 Loft 式的設計,偌大的開放式空間在不論視覺上或實際上都非常舒適,無需人擠人或者是太擁擠的隔桌。大量的木製傢俱也是我心儀的部分,最重要的是店裡的室內採光太完美了,整個品牌的原始精神似乎在所有的設計細節上一覽無遺。

Lighting details is all I'm about! / 採光是我最重視的細節

Today's table / 今日餐桌

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