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Solange Knowle's Wedding Dress|天后妹妹出嫁的排場也像時尚雜誌一樣

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The Queen B's sister got married recently with video directer Alan Ferguson. Wearing the gown designed by Humberto Leon for Kenzo, Solange is looking like a queen goddess in her white dress. There are few things I love about these wedding photos: first thing to notice is all family members in the photo are wearing all white, and choreographed perfectly, looking fierce like bosses. Secondly is the bride changed into an all white jumpsuit which is rare to see in weddings. I love things that break the tradition and still keeping it very personal. Undeniably, the unique personality is portrayed remarkably.  

天后碧昂絲 Beyonce 的妹妹 Solange 出嫁囉,新郎是身為影像導演的 Alan Ferguson。Solange 身穿這件像女王般的禮服是由 Kenzo 的設計師 Humberto Leon 量身打造。最新釋出的婚禮照片,碧昂絲也在當中出現。這個對於視覺效果相當要求的家族背景,連婚紗照都像音樂錄影帶的場景一般,全家都穿上白色,打破傳統的舉動讓這些照片格外有特色。在陽台上所拍攝這些照片,新娘換上了連身褲裝,跳脫傳統婚紗的印象,展現新娘率性利落的個性。

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