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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




On Vacay | Stripes On Stripes II

Sometimes I like to experiment with outfits when traveling; it's probably the opposite with many others, but I don't care. This stripes on stripes was definitely full of maneuvers. I only play it safe when life is overwhelming me with bigger priorities.

Do you sometimes feel like an outfit is missing something until you put on a pair of perfect shoes or a coat? Well, this look is one of those that the shoes completes the look and I'm loving every bits of it.



Clotho x Linda Cardigan | Asos split skirt | Zara Boots | Jewelmint necklace |
Socks purchased in nightmarket | Vintage purse | Misc rings | 
Photo by Anais, edited by yours truly |


About Clotho x Linda Huang Project #005

This cardigan was my very first purchase made in my Taiwan trip this past January. It's been on my wish list for longer than forever ever since it's released. Designed by one of my all time favorite blogger Linda Huang, and produced by Clotho, this product is a definition of perfection. The details are well thought of and it can be seen not only at close ups, but also in a distance glance. 

Taiwanese knitting industry had it's glory back in the days. But now, the fashion market is manipulated by the Korean or Chinese wholesale and that, to be honest, worried me about the country's own talents. I've been trying to find some great Taiwanese designs and luckily, there are many talented and hardworking designers are working wholeheartedly to devoting for their dream and desire. And Clotho, is definitely making me very proud.

回到台灣第一件事就是趕快上 Clotho 網站買與 琳達誌:合作商品,由我非常喜愛的部落客琳達所設計,Clotho 製造發行的中世紀暖衣。這件是所有暖衣系列裡我最喜歡也最適合我的一件。所有的細節都非常精緻;編花、袖口、口袋、下擺,不管近看遠看都清晰可見的細節;版型也很完美。(唯一技術上的失誤就是我忘了我在台灣不是 S 號。)

隨著日韓商品為主流的市場,在地製造的商品卻愈發難尋。這次回台灣,不斷的尋找台灣設計製造的商品,為的就是想知道這幾年台灣的文創產業蓬勃,但實質上到底進步了多少,品質如何,市場價值又如何。在國外的幾年,接觸了許多本地的設計商品,我一直在想,台灣設計肯定也不差,何況台灣的針織與五金製造那麼有歷史。所以我就從由針織品下手,Clotho 讓我對台灣設計非常有信心。

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