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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




City Livin' | San Francisco - Sutro Baths

This day was a great luck with weather. I went to Sutro Baths for a shoot and had a little time before the model arrived. So I took en route of this gorgeous location and had a deep meditation for myself. I was alone; and I feel very peaceful. The scenery is calming me in a very joyful way that only forms inside myself.


這天天氣特別好,太陽曬得人暖洋洋,也有點懶洋洋,但是放著這樣大好的天氣不管,實在有點浪費。正好約了朋友來這個歷史遺跡 Sutro Baths 拍照,在等待的時候,我一個人在這裏,感到非常平靜。

I feel blissful to have such amazing historical site like Sutro Baths in an accessible distance. Anytime I feel like going into the nature, I can just hop on the bus and head straight there. This is one of the site that made me really grateful for living in San Francisco.


After getting off the bus, this is what's welcoming you. Isn't this beautiful? I often couldn't help but started obsessing taking photos. / 下公車之後,迎接你的是這樣的景色

What I'd like to do (after enough photo taking) is, find a good spot to sit and then immerse myself into this wonderful blues, greens, and yellows. To feel the movement of the ocean, the wind, and the sun; which arose the movement inside my heart, and shaped peace for me.


Some post-photoshoot photoshoot / 我拍人也被拍

 Karrine by me.

Karrine by me.

 Photo by Eda

Photo by Eda

The sound of peace / 海的聲音,分你聽

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