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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




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The kick-start post of this website was the interview I did with Celine from Pieces of C. Passed was an year, yet I am still finding the right position in this enormous blogshpere. I am definitely no "blogger" per se, but always seeking for something intrigue in life, in fashion, in personal style while juggling with time, school project, personal project, and future plans. Ideas come and go; things changed and modified, but one motif that still holds the ground is to be curious to what's unseen, be patient with it and document it with sincerity. 


To see myself in other people's eye always thrills me in a unmeasurable way. If I have an ultimate purpose of blogging, that is to step onto a new trail of friendships. A style blog is a open resume, full of visuals and personalities. That, works as gravitating and attracting people who are my own kind, and expanding our love for fashion/lifestyle into something greater. A year of blogging has been one of the best experiences I humbly embraced. From San Francisco to New York to Taiwan, the people I've encountered through blogging (ya'll know who you are) are the best reward of hardworking. Thank you for the kind words, my dear, and thanks for being part of my life.

總是有話想說,在個網站上,一切都有跡可循。我想要藉由這個網站認識更多同性質的人,我希望我們的關係能夠變成朋友,一起討論,一起發揮。很幸運的,這件事情正在慢慢發生。不論是部落客,或是讀者,我藉由網路,以及這個網站的幫忙,認識了很值得的人。雖然還沒有大鳴大放,偏執狂的堅持與嚴格檢視也絲毫沒有鬆懈,但是我覺得我很幸運。今後也會繼續努力。謝謝 C 的情書

Photo by Celine, edited by yours truly

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