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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




The Greater Goods

My excessive indulgence in fragrance really needs surveillance; all goods that smell good - perfumes, candles, or in this case, soaps; would become my targeted collection. When lots of the people nowadays consume mostly product in liquid form - i.e. shower gels, hand washing gels, hand sanitizers... etc. I am old school enough that I STILL use detergent soda and soap bars. 

The Greater Goods is a recent discover and it was love at first sight. Knowing that the products are handmade in San Francisco is such a dearly plus. The soap is beautiful undoubtedly. The sculptural shape and natural ingredients are beyond sensorial. I adore the clean taste of the website layout; I appreciate the solidarity of producing soaps and only soaps, which is a elaborated art phase into everyday life. It's the little thing, the little thing.


The Greater Goods 是我近期發掘後就一眼愛上的舊金山在地品牌。乾乾淨淨的網站,販賣著十種天成成分手工製作的香皂,我喜歡那種專一。大理石雕塑般的形狀,那股把生活發揮成藝術的態度,令人激賞。只是小事情,但是特別認真。

Above are the three scent that I own. But check out the rest below, I think I need them all to make my life a little more completed.


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