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Fashion is about projecting where you're going in life.

Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

That's the lifestyle I am producing. 




Inspiration: Timeless Over Trendy, Few Over Many and Plain Over Fancy - Thisispaper

At Thisispaper Shop we source and make items that are lasting, sustainable and well-designed,
which we believe should be a norm, not luxury.

Initially I merely wanted to write about this bag I've been eyeing from Thisispaper. But then I research the studio and I immediately fell in love with the concept of this group of people, who caltivated together of what they believe in and have push that idea forward to something bigger. I always admire people who are capable to start from ground zero and willing to investigate passion, care and talent deeply into the only one thing in full plentitude. It is a rare virtue nowadays. 

本來是想介紹一個我觀望很久的包,於是把品牌網站認真的翻覆過一遍,然後為此深深著迷了。我一直對於一次認真做好一件事的精神特別敬佩,因為自己是很容易分心的人,心太大但是腳步很慢,於是常常對生活感到很急迫。 Thisispaper 不一樣,他們慢慢耕耘,為了追求夢想中的質感,堅持品味至上,然後把它變成生活常態。

The Process

Created by a small but passionate team, Thisispaper aim to minimize the waste of the environment but to maximize the support of local community and suppliers. Every detail has been crafted to serve the purpose of the product, which is simplicity, function, and sustainability. 

由一群微小而精密的團體組成,Thisispaper 重視的是減低生產過程對於環境的傷害,但對於品牌最重要的精神無限上綱,簡單又實用、少即是多、質樸勝過繁瑣,每一個細節都不會放過。

The Studio Culture

“We're very cautious to preserve the pleasure we take from making products that will be cherished by their users.“

The City

"We are simultaneously very attached to the city where Thisispaper is based - Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw is our home not only because it hosts our studio but also because it's where we take inspiration from and collaborate with suppliers, creatives and craftsmen."

It's all about the mind behind the brand and the design; fashion or photography or any other types of creativity outlets; I respect brands that respect themselves. When the team understands the importance of how to interiorize the ultimate birth place of the creative mind into the process, it shows the gratitude of its being. It is so crucial to any individuation that by pushing quality into ubiquity, that is the only key to sublimation.


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