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Brand Focus: Ulyana Sergeenko S/S 2015

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
原標題「彷彿替所有的童話故事量身定作的高級定製服」為 EVERYDAY OBJECT 版權所有|文章原始連結

The most influential fashion icons come from Russia these recent years. That's for sure. At least Ulyana Sergeenko is proving it to the industry shouting "yo, check me out, bitch" in a very elegant way with her S/S collection. Volumed up bold shapes and botanical prints, sophisticated colors with embroideries, I am seeing Cinderella, Belle, Anna, Ariel, and Aurora; even Maleficent. The whole collection is overloaded with sweetness that can choke you but keeping the sexy and tough image of Russian women. I mean, you just don't mess with Russians.

來自俄羅斯的時尚力是當今不容忽視的絕對。名媛設計師 Ulyana Sergeenko 所推出 2015 春夏的設計,每一件都美得太不像話了。因為身份背景的關係,Ulyana Sergeenko 的設計總是帶著濃厚的名媛風,很神奇的是這樣的名媛風竟然充滿了高街時尚極缺乏的甜而不膩。細膩的女性柔美細節搭配上大方的剪裁,弧形線條配上花草圖騰點綴,怎麼看都覺得性感的很帥氣!而且看著看著,腦中就浮現了各種童話故事主角穿著這一套套的現代華服,灰姑娘、貝兒、安娜、小美人魚、睡美人... 應該不是我想太多了吧。

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