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Editorial: Valentino Spring 2015

Recently I have been holding a second thought about the whole "Fashion Editorial" and its paraphernalia. I am not sure how to adjust with it. Don't get me wrong; I do love fashion but sometimes I don't get the fashion attitude and people tend to overlook the inherent statement than glamorously presentation. A lot of time that the fashion people got misunderstood by others shooting sneer or one-side-raised eyebrows are seriously caused by themselves. All I wanted to address is, I love the ridiculousness about fashion, not the pretentiousness. Something like the Valentino S/S 2015 campaign would explain.

Photogragped by Michal Pudelka, the odd and whimsical editorial is one of the favorites of mine ever. Great mixture of dreamy-pretty and outrageous visual. I am all about the quirky and serene placement when it comes to image tension, and I think this campaign is on top of it.

一般人看時尚總是有許多誤解,虛華燦爛的花花世界,我在想,很多誤會都是自己造成的,更何況現今是人接觸到的時尚,根本不是時尚的樣子。於是最近我暫停與時尚有關的拍攝,想要回歸自己最喜愛的攝影本質。擁有怪異的意見表達或是挑戰美的視覺張力,對我來說更有吸引力。Valentino S/S 2015 的片子就是很好的例子。

由我個人相當喜愛的攝影師 Michal Pudelka 拍攝,整個企劃的藝術監製以及攝影師的視角相當精準的抓住我的喜好。看到這系列,我覺得前陣子有點迷失的初衷有點被安慰到了。眼光是自己的,攝影師的心和眼是無法分割的,怎麼看世界,世界就怎麼回應你。純粹漂亮的東西,比起充滿自我的眼光,還是淺薄了一點。當然,以 Valentino 的地位已經無需嘩眾取寵,但願意不斷提供觀眾新鮮感以及創意空間,我個人覺得,一百分。

Photographer: Michal Pudelka | Art direct: Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierpaolo Piccioli
Stylist: Karl Templer | Hair: Tomo Jidai | Make-Up: Petros Peterohilos
Models: Maartje Verhoef, Vanessa Moody, Grace Simmons, Hedvig Palm, Clémentine Deraedt

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