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Therefore, life is fashion, fashion is style.

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Style Crush: Vika Gazinskaya

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Another Russian fashion icon of my list - Vika Gazinskaya. Always showed up with her very own design, Vika Gazinskaya has successfully enplaned her own fashion style into the media. The hot flash shines not only on her fashion sense but also brought her designing talent under the spotlight. I personally am very drown to her whimsical yet sophisticated design element that she placed into every single pieces, which are exactly the style I am going for. Playing with the silhouette of bold cutting and shapes, Vika Gazinskaya is indeed a Russian you don't wanna mess around with.

設計師 Vika Gazinskaya 總是身穿自己的設計出現在時裝周。充滿切割與膨脹的不對稱線條,同時又具備童趣玩味的設計,成功地吸引了攝影師的注意。非常擅長「玩」時尚的她,不斷被捕捉的身影也成功地讓自己的設計引起注意,如今設計已進駐網路商店販售。相較於在秀場內的高級定製服,Vika 的設計更鮮活,可成熟可甜美,很端莊也很鬼靈精怪,更重要是沒有品牌包袱,相當值得關注的俄羅斯時尚力。

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