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Brand Focus: xobruno

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When I was reading about the story behind the name of xobruno, I was immediately hooked with it, not just the story, but the design and care from the founder and designer herself - Michelle Kline. Her story reminds me of my own grandmother, who recently passed away. Grandmas are always the crafty and talented, yet humble ones. They grew up learning how to be a good housewife and most of them devoted their whole life to practice this character that influences the whole family the most. Knitting, sewing, cooking... we all had our first trial of the craftsmanship with our grandmother, ain't we?

Therefore, Michelle started her brand with her grandma's maiden name, with the fond of leather and canvas, xobruno aims to share with the costumers the classic, simple, unisex design; a design that can take you through thick and thin; a design with the best leather, material and a lot of care.    

xobruno 是我在搜尋關於美國「2014 西岸工藝展」(West Coast Craft 2014發現的品牌。一看到立刻就被那簡單卻充滿質感的極簡真皮設計給吸引,點近網站之後就決定必須介紹這個手工自創品牌。xobruno 是創辦人 Michelle Kline 對於祖母的緬懷而命名,Bruno 是祖母的原姓,從小就在祖母身上學習針織縫紉烹飪等等傳統手藝,祖母的影響在生命中有不可或缺的重要性。

xobruno 也特別強調品牌的精神來自於對於真皮以及帆布的熱愛,Michelle 認為這兩者質地觸感完全不同的質料能夠相輔相成,成為個人風格中的最佳配件。身為品牌設計師,Michelle 重視設計的保存度以及中介性,她想設計出一系列能伴你生活或旅行的包包。所有包款皆在美國波特蘭設計製作,使用最好的皮革、器具、材料以及很多用心。我想,這樣的品牌,值得一瞧。

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