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Editorial: Zara S/S '15 Campaign

FTC: The article appeared first on EVERYDAY OBJECT
原標題「Zara S/S '15 - 不止量,連形象的質都完美出擊」版權為 EVERYDAY OBJECT 版權所有|文章原始連結

I am completely swooned by Zara's newly released editorial for S/S 15. Once again, this worldwide well-known Spanish brand has shown its haters why it deserves the fame. The focus is no longer about the "design" anymore; it is often inspired by designers anyways; but the "branding". It has to be fast, and it has to be fresh.

The dapper and sharp images have been placed within the editorial for many seasons. Now, no matter it is the shift on the photographer or planner or the stylist - it does't matter - the shift is done, and it's surely well done. 

As a amatuer color theory apprentice, I am sincerely admiring the color design of this editorial. The manipulation of complimentary and analogous colors are so on point, and the most amazingly, is the muted earthly tone and slightly desaturated colors are my absolute soul mates. 

Zara 迷肯定都看過了為新一季的形象照,再一次的令人感到驚豔。像 Zara 這種快速消費時尚的形象,重點已經不在於設計(畢竟很多都是從秀台設計師那裡來的靈感)而是每一季都令人耳目一新的形象企劃,讓人不禁期待下一次又會看見怎麼樣的 Zara。



Same color theory is devoted to the Kids collection as well but in a more playful and fresh skill, which keeps the innocence of childhood in the a little bit on the mature side patterns. Good job, Zara.


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